Video of Ciara & Killian Wedding Day


Liutas Pictures Wedding Video Productions expertly captured Ciara and Killian’s magical union at Horetown House, a private country house wedding venue in County Wexford, Ireland. Nestled in picturesque rural Wexford, this charming venue provided the perfect backdrop for their stylish, laid-back celebration.

The stunning venue and the lovely couple, Ciara & Killian, made the day exceptionally smooth and enjoyable. Every moment, from intimate vows to joyous celebrations, was meticulously documented by Liutas Pictures. The video encapsulated the couple’s love story, filled with warmth, laughter, and heartfelt moments.

Ciara and Killian radiated happiness, creating a warm atmosphere. Liutas Pictures seamlessly integrated into the festivities, capturing not just events but genuine emotions. The result was a video reflecting the unique love story, a visual journey of warmth, laughter, and heartfelt moments.

The day unfolded with smooth elegance, a testament to meticulous planning. Liutas Pictures skillfully documented every detail, ensuring memories created at Horetown House would be cherished. From the grandeur of the venue to heartfelt speeches and a lively dance floor, the video captured the essence of a day holding a special place in Ciara and Killian’s hearts.

In the hands of Liutas Pictures Wedding Video Productions, Ciara and Killian’s wedding day became a cinematic masterpiece. An everlasting testament to love and joy in Ireland’s charming countryside, this video ensures the memories will be cherished for a lifetime.

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