Wedding Day of Danielle & Kevin

Embracing Love at Ballymagarvey Village: Danielle & Kevin’s Enchanting Day

Nestled in the heart of County Meath’s Boyne Valley, Ballymagarvey Village is a private estate surrounded by unspoiled countryside. With its 18th Century Manor House, Victorian walled garden, tranquil lake, and over 800 years of Irish history, this picturesque venue set the perfect stage for Danielle and Kevin’s timeless love story.

As a truly lovely couple, Danielle and Kevin entrusted Liutas Pictures to capture every moment, from prom preparations to the first dance. Collaborating seamlessly with photographer Rasheeda Keenan, we meticulously wove a visual narrative, etching their love story into the hearts of all present.

Transitioning to the heart of Ballymagarvey Village, the ceremony unfolded as a heartfelt celebration of love. Leveraging four cameras and portable microphones, every vow and whispered sentiment resonated with clarity, creating a lasting memory.

Adding vintage charm, Danielle and Kevin’s choice of an old-school Rolls-Royce perfectly complemented the timeless beauty of Ballymagarvey Village. The 18th Century Manor House and Victorian walled garden served as captivating backdrops for moments cherished for a lifetime.

Ballymagarvey Village, with its rich history and stunning landscapes, seamlessly became a character in Danielle and Kevin’s love story. As a videographer, capturing such a remarkable day amidst the timeless elegance of Ballymagarvey Village was truly a privilege and a joy. So here’s to Danielle and Kevin, and to the beginning of a beautiful journey in this historic and romantic setting!

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