Orlaith & Brendan Wedding Day

In the heart of County Monaghan, Castle Leslie Estate, a bastion of Irish history, set the stage for the captivating wedding of Orlaith and Brendan. The Leslie family, stewards of this castle since the 1660s, have hosted an array of notable guests, from politicians to poets and renowned celebrities.

As gentle rain embraced the castle grounds, the love story unfolded at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dundalk. The ceremony, filled with heartfelt vows, seamlessly transitioned to the majestic walls of Castle Leslie.

Undeterred by the drizzle, armed with my camera, I ventured into the castle grounds for a solo cinematic experience. Each shot captured the essence of Orlaith and Brendan against the backdrop of the castle’s grandeur. Far from a hindrance, the weather added a touch of romance, creating a collection of stunning images that seamlessly blended heritage with the raw emotion of the moment.

From the castle’s majestic halls to intimate moments shared by the newlyweds, every frame spoke volumes about the beauty of Orlaith and Brendan’s love story, immortalized in the historic embrace of Castle Leslie. As they embarked on their marital journey, the castle’s rich history became intertwined with their own, creating memories destined to stand the test of time. Orlaith and Brendan’s wedding at Castle Leslie was a solo cinematic journey, a celebration that beautifully merged the magic of love with the timeless charm of a historic Irish estate, as captured through my lens.

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