Rebecca and Adam Wedding Day film

Chasing Moments is my ultimate joy, stepping out of the familiar comforts of home to explore new venues and hotels. Each wedding is a unique chapter, and capturing the love stories of couples like Rebecca and Adam at Johnstown Estate adds a special glow to this passion of mine.

The Georgian doors of this 18th Century gem open to a haven of four-star comfort, luxury, and warm hospitality. It’s not just about great food but finding countless lovely ways to unwind. The wedding day began at the hotel, filled with the hustle and bustle of preparations, creating a lively atmosphere.

Then, with Chasing Moments as our guide, we ventured to the church where Rebecca and Adam exchanged rings, marking the beginning of their shared journey. Returning to the hotel felt like coming home, where we seamlessly transitioned into capturing candid family moments and an enchanting photo session against the backdrop of this historical estate.

As the day unfolded, my lens became the storyteller, capturing the essence of every moment, from the anticipation in the hotel to the heartfelt exchange of vows and the joyous first dance. Chasing Moments at Johnstown Estate with Rebecca and Adam was nothing short of magical, weaving their love story into the timeless beauty of this venue

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