Ruth & Matthew Wedding day video

Venue: Cabra Castle

Step into the enchanting realm of love as I had the pleasure of capturing the wedding day of Ruth and Matthew at the splendid Cabra Castle in Kings Court, Ireland. This historic castle, with its timeless allure, provided the perfect backdrop for a day filled with romance and celebration.

Ruth, adorned in a lovely white bridal gown, graced the surroundings with elegance and beauty, embodying the essence of a fairytale bride. The contrast of the black bridesmaids’ dresses added a touch of sophistication, creating a stunning visual symphony against the castle’s majestic backdrop.

The day unfolded in a tapestry of joy and laughter, as Ruth and Matthew’s celebration radiated infectious happiness. From heartfelt vows to joyous moments on the dance floor, every frame captured the genuine love and exuberance that defined their special day.

Cabra Castle, with its regal charm, became not just a venue but a character in their love story, adding a touch of grandeur to each frame. The video is a testament to the timeless beauty of their union, with the castle’s stone walls echoing the vows exchanged and the laughter shared.

As the sun set over Kings Court, Ireland, the celebration continued, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Ruth and Matthew’s wedding video encapsulates the magic of their day, where love, laughter, and the majestic setting of Cabra Castle intertwined to create a visual masterpiece, preserving the essence of their love story for generations to come.

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