Wedding video of Stephenie & Darren

Experience the enchanting love story of Stephenie and Darren, beautifully captured by Liutas Pictures at Monaghan’s charming ‘Four Seasons Hotel.’ This family-run four-star gem, just 1km from Monaghan Town, radiates warmth and hospitality.

Liutas Pictures documented every moment, from heartfelt preparations to the mesmerizing first dance, reflecting the genuine warmth and familial spirit of the ‘Four Seasons Hotel.’ The venue’s unique charm adds an extra layer of magic to this love-filled celebration.

Monaghan’s picturesque landscapes served as a backdrop for this intimate day. The ‘Four Seasons Hotel,’ with meticulous service, provided a canvas for Stephenie and Darren to paint the vibrant colors of their love story.

From getting ready to vows and the joyous first dance, Liutas Pictures weaved emotion, laughter, and love into a cinematic masterpiece. As the sun set over Monaghan, this warm embrace created indelible memories, a privilege for Liutas Pictures to capture.

Stephenie and Darren’s wedding day at the ‘Four Seasons Hotel’ was a genuine celebration of love, leaving hearts full of unforgettable moments. Liutas Pictures beautifully encapsulated the warmth and love that made this day truly special.

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