Suzanne & Peter Wedding Day

An unforgettable day spent with a lovely couple, I had the pleasure of capturing the beautiful moments of Suzzane and Peter’s wedding. The enchanting ceremony took place at the stunning Darver Castle, located in Co Louth, Ireland. The picturesque surroundings of the castle created a serene atmosphere, allowing everyone to relax and fully enjoy every moment.

As Suzzane and Peter exchanged their heartfelt vows and rings, the love in the air was palpable. The ceremony was truly a sight to behold. The Nooks wedding band provided delightful music that had everyone on their feet, dancing the night away. Their captivating melodies added an extra touch of magic to the celebration.

Being a part of this wonderful wedding was an absolute joy. From the heartfelt moments during the ceremony to the lively atmosphere of the reception, every second was filled with happiness and love. It was a privilege to capture these precious memories for Suzzane and Peter.
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