Chloe & Joshua Wedding day

Chloe & Joshua Wedding day

Capturing Love: A Magical Wedding at Cabra Castle


As the sun dipped below the rolling hills of Co. Cavan, I, your dedicated videographer, embarked on a journey—a journey to weave love, laughter, and memories into a timeless tapestry. The occasion? A wedding—a celebration of two souls entwined in a dance of forever. Let me take you through the enchanting day I had the honor of capturing.

Preparations in Co. Cavan

The morning air buzzed with anticipation as I arrived at the bride’s abode. There, amidst laughter and fluttering excitement, she adorned herself in lace and pearls. Bridesmaids flitted around her, ensuring every detail was perfect. Meanwhile, the groom stood tall, surrounded by his closest friends. Ties were straightened, cufflinks secured, and nerves masked with camaraderie.

Cabra Castle: Where Dreams Unfold

Later, we journeyed to Cabra Castle, a fairytale setting nestled amidst ancient woodlands. The castle’s stone walls whispered secrets of centuries past, and its new Granary awaited the couple’s vows. As they exchanged rings, the air crackled with romance. The celebrant’s words wove magic, binding their hearts in a promise that echoed through the castle’s halls.

Golden Moments and Castle Backdrops

During the photoshoot, the castle became our canvas. Against ivy-covered walls, the couple laughed, kissed, and reveled in their love. We ventured inside—the Golden Room bathed in warm light, the ancient stones witnessing their joy. Meanwhile, guests sipped drinks, sharing stories and laughter at the reception.

A Beautiful Ballroom Affair

As twilight settled, we entered the ballroom. Tables adorned with flowers and candlelight awaited. Music swirled, and the bride and groom stepped in, their eyes alight with happiness. Cake shots and sparklers followed, drawing everyone outside. And then, like a crescendo, fireworks erupted from the castle’s towers—a symphony of light and wonder.

The First Dance: A Love Waltz

Finally, the couple took the floor—their first dance. The room held its breath as they swayed, lost in each other’s eyes. It was a dance of promises kept, of dreams fulfilled. And as the notes faded, their love remained—the heartbeat of Cabra Castle.

A Love Story Unveiled

Working with this couple was effortless. Their love radiated, and I captured it all—the stolen glances, the whispered vows, the laughter. Their eyes spoke volumes, and I reveled in their story. As the day unfolded, I knew—I had witnessed magic.

Love, laughter, and forever.

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