Emma & Padraig Wedding Day

Capturing Love: Emma and Padraig’s Magical Lakeside Wedding at Crover House


Nestled by the shores of a serene lake, Crover House stood as a witness to a love story that unfolded like a fairytale. As your dedicated videographer, I had the privilege of capturing every precious moment on that unforgettable day.

The Setting: Crover House

Crover House, with its ivy-clad walls and sweeping views, provided the perfect backdrop for this love-filled celebration. The gentle lapping of the lake against the shore added a soothing rhythm to the day—a melody of promises and dreams.

Preparations: Calm and Joy

As the sun painted the sky in hues of gold, Emma and Padraig prepared for their journey into forever. Their laughter echoed through the rooms, and nerves were replaced with excitement. The atmosphere was not just relaxed; it was joyous—a testament to their love.

The Ceremony: A Lovely Exchange

Under a canopy of blue sky, the couple stood before family and friends. Their vows were whispered, promises made, and rings exchanged. The air held a hint of magic, as if the lake itself blessed their union. It was a ceremony that lingered in the heart—a memory etched in time.

Golden Hour: Capturing Love

As the sun dipped lower, we ventured to the lakeside. Emma and Padraig, wrapped in each other’s arms, posed against the watercolor sky. Crover House stood proud behind them, its history merging with their future. Every click of the camera captured their tenderness—a love story unfolding.

Evening Magic: First Dance

As twilight settled, the ballroom came alive. Tables adorned with flowers awaited guests. And then, the moment—the couple’s first dance. They swayed, lost in each other, surrounded by love. It was a waltz of promises kept, of dreams fulfilled. And as the notes faded, their love remained—the heartbeat of Crover House.


Working with Emma and Padraig was a delight. Their ease, their laughter—it all translated into a lovely wedding video. As I packed my gear, I knew I had witnessed something extraordinary—a love that mirrored the shimmering lake, timeless and deep.

Capturing moments, weaving memories.

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